GPA is an innovative service providing busy you the assistance and expertise needed to get an affordable and extraordinary personal assistant - and utilize them efficiently. We help you find, interview, and prepare the perfect college student for your unique needs and get your time back.


Why Get a Personal Assistant?

  • Reduce daily stress
  • Delegate your to-do list
  • Finish those nagging projects
  • Amplify your work output
  • Focus on what you love
  • And so much more!

Why GPA?

  • We do it for you - facilitate the entire hiring process
  • Our unique model is affordable, thorough, and completely tailored to your needs
  • Our process saves you time right from the start
  • Clients get an affordable, well-qualified assistant; students get a flexible, well-paid job
  • It’s a Win-Win!



Needs Assessment

This is the first step for all clients. GPA gets to know you, your unique needs, and your personal style. You get to know us, too (more…)

Startup Package

For all new clients, the Startup Package gets you started with a personal assistant. (more…)

Transition Package

Your current assistant is leaving and you’d like GPA’s time and expertise finding a new assistant. (more…)

GPA Team

Vicki Barón

CEO, Chief Envisioning Officer

Traci Van Wyk

COO, Chief Organizing Officer

Rebekah Cianfrocco

CCO, Chief Creative Officer

Ashley Hunt

CAA, Classy Administrative Assistant